Drinking Ports

The Process

I started out designing Eco Port Drinking Ports by learning the business of face masks. I started an Etsy shop called Wild Paisley Inc. specializing in face mask patterns and breather valves and quickly became one of the top sellers of face mask supplies. In a constant effort to improve the DIY aspect and user-friendliness of mask making and affixing breather valves, I discovered a quick and easy way to use a circular sticker as a simple pattern to cut around for the perfect hole to install breathing valves, thus avoiding bad cuts. I also hunted high and low for great hole cutters, so my customers could cut holes quickly with perfect repeatability. When it came to designing a user-friendly Drinking Port, I used the same diligence and care to make my Drinking Ports easy to use with silcone gasket materials that could fit all kinds of straws like Boba Tea straws, paper straws, metal straws, and regular size straws.
Black Port