Drinking Ports


The first thing you do when you believe you have a great idea is protect it! I filed my patent with the help of lawyer Thomas Joseph of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and was thankful for the professional help as we did get patent approval. During the prototype phase, my husband and I used a 3D resin printer and a 3D filament printer. There are many limitations on 3D printing and you can’t mass produce a product like this efficiently. We truly believe in Eco Port Drinking Ports and want our customers to receive a great product, this is why our drinking ports are injection molded by professional manufacturers. We are now approaching the final steps of our project and the molds will soon be taken to the injection molding machines and set up for production by a team of highly skilled people. Once the drinking ports are finished they will be sent to the packaging team to place your desired products together and sent directly to your location. All Eco Port Drinking Ports will be packaged in simple bags that will have the least impact on the environment. We have made it a priority to buy recycled products at every step when possible.

Black Port