Drinking Ports


Before we ever heard of the Covid-19 virus, we never realized our core functions were in jeopardy; The ability to breatheeat and drink safely. With the added dangers of pollution, smoke, colds, flu, and the highly contagious ‘double mutant’ Covid-19 Variant among us, we find ourselves in precarious situations needing to protect our friends, family and people all over the world who are at the highest risk.


Water is your body’s principal chemical and makes up to 70% of your body’s weight. Needless to say, water and hydration are life! With face masks now becoming the ‘new normal’, we have become accustomed to foregoing the urge to drink fluids in the name of safety. With the Eco Port Drinking Port, you can hydrated in any situation.

  • Use Eco Port Drinking Ports on PlanesTrainsSubwaysBusses, and Rideshares.
  • Use Eco Port Drinking Ports in Public Spaces such as StadiumsTheatersGyms, at Concerts, or While Shopping.
  • Use Eco Port Drinking Ports while you work, at school, or when you‘re out with friends and family.
  • Protect your children at school and play.
  • Great for Frontline Workers all over the world.
  •  NursesDoctors, and Hospital workers can fit Eco Port Drinking Ports in single-use masks and sterilize and reuse them again and again.
  •  Factory Workers can stay hydrated all day with the Eco Port lidded Drinking Port!

Stay Hydrated Everywhere!

Drinking when wearing a face mask is a real problem! Lifting down or pulling up your mask to drink is counterintuitive and leaves you exposed to possible viruses in your environment and on your mask and hands. With our innovative patented Eco Port Drinking Ports, you can hydrate with no need to lift your mask. Under the protective lid of your Eco Port lies a tight-fitting gasket that fits a variety of sizes of straws through. Drink your water, coffee, boba tea, smoothie, juice, or whatever you choose to hydrate with without worry. Enjoy drinking safely and rest comfortably knowing you and your family are using Eco Port Drinking Ports in their face masks.

As you may well know while wearing a face mask you get hot, sweaty, and thirsty. To take a drink, you may have to find a private corner somewhere to take a sip of water, or even forego drinking water until you’re back in your car, or until your shift is over at work. When I got sick and was hospitalized at the beginning of the pandemic, everyone at the hospital was wearing a face mask. Face shields, eye protection, latex gloves, shoe covers, and layers and layers of PPE were worn all around the hospital. I wondered how these hard-working doctors and nurses, donned in hot and uncomfortable plastic protective shrouding, could get a drink without exposing themselves. The second they lifted their mask, they could be opening themselves up to undesirable elements. I immediately felt the calling to help fix the problem. My solution was to come up with Eco Port Drinking Ports, made with durable and sterilizable injection molded recycled plastic and silicone rubber gasket that would allow any size straw to go through your mask.