Drinking Ports

Easy Installation

* Remember to wash your hands and your drinking ports before
you drink to protect yourself from any possible contaminants.

Test fit your face mask, whether it be an adult or child, to find the best drinking spot for you. We have found that a good starting point is 2 1/2” below the top of the nose on most adult face masks. Depending on the style of mask, you should position the Eco Port Drinking Port in the center of the mask or offset if your mask has a seam.

  • Place your pattern approximately at the 2 1/2” mark in the area centered at your mouth placement on your face mask. Double check your measurement before you make your cut.
  • Use the sharp tip of your scissors, cut into the fabric carefully through all layers making sure to keep them in alignment while following around the edges of the sticker hole cut pattern. Before you know it you will have a perfect circle.
  • Additionally, selected sets of Eco Port Drinking Ports will include a hole punch which will perfectly cut your hole with a couple of taps of a hammer! *see video
  • Take the bottom portion of the Eco Port and sandwich it between the top lidded portion.
  • Nest the straw gasket on top of the bottom portion and squeeze together or push hard on a tabletop to snap it together.

You are now ready to drink with your new Eco Port Drinking Port!

Each set includes:
  1. Lidded top portion
  2. Bottom
  3. Gasket/straw opening
  4. Sticker hole cut patterns included in all sets of 5, 10, and 20.

* Select sets of 50-100 Eco Port Drinking Ports will
include a hole punch in lieu of a hole cut sticker pattern